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Institutional Research: Q1 Tech Channel Checks

Hi, Pipeline Data has begun providing Q1 institutional channel checks for the Technology sector... but this quarter, we are offering the reads au gratis.This is the same institutional Tech research that made AMR Research and Pipeline Data a multi-million dollar success with Wall Street buy-siders. So why are we giving it away this quarter? Simple. The reads are coming in, but our new monetization policies have yet to be finalized. Thus, for the first time (dating back to 1998) we have a window to showcase our capabilities without breaching our traditional semi-exclusivity. All you have to do is provide your email address on [...]

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Mattersight Is A Buy Here

Mattersight's (NASDAQ:MATR) crossed over the $75 million public-float threshold back in June. As a result, the company became subject to 404 audits, the first it has gone through in a while. During the audit, a material weakness was uncovered. However, the weakness was only related to the documentation of company controls, not the actual controls… or anything related to financials. Specifically, it was related to documentation of control over access to a software portal. The portal is where user accounts can be accessed. Internally, within the company, MATR didn't have the proper documentation related to who actually has access to add or change users. If [...]

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Intermap Update for March 18

This is an update to the "Major Intermap Update" mailed to members of my free newsletter on March 14. Please read it carefully. Important new information has been added! Also, please excuse the formatting. I prefer to spend time/resources on research #substance-over-style. FYI, to get all of my latest research, sign up to receive my free Newsletter. How? Easy! Just enter your email address at our home page (PipelineDataLLC.com).   Ever since receiving a $125 million Letter of Award last June, Intermap (a relatively unknown microcap company) has become ground zero for a bull/bear debate regarding the validity of the Award, the [...]

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Is The Bull About To Poop His Pants?

Since calling a short-term bottom on January 20, the market had exploded for a 10%+ rebound. Because of this and other factors, I'd advocating that investors lock in those gains effective immediately. I have produced a new video for subscribers of my free Pipeline Data Newsletter, which you can also view. It provides my thoughts and how to profit from it. I've also uncovered new information on Intermap and published it as part of an update to the Pipeline Data Newsletter that subscribers received a few days ago. That update is also available for your viewing pleasure (on our home page). I hope [...]

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Check out our new “About Us” section!

Enter Your Email To Receive Our FREE Newsletter SPY Chart - Spring 2016       About Mark Gomes Mark Gomes is one of Wall Street's most tenured Information Technology (IT) stock analysts. Dating back to 1994, the utilization of IT purchasing data has been a hallmark of his institutional advisory services. As a program director at International Data Corporation, he advised hundreds of Wall Street clients on the evolution of the consumer PC market in the mid-90s. His program serviced top analysts from the industry’s biggest firms, including Goldman Sachs and Morgan [...]

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Videos Galore

If you're not subscribed to the free Pipeline Data Newsletter (sign up on our home page) here's what you've missed... Intermap Video (Mar 1): My latest data and model have led me to institute a price target of $2 on ITMSF. That's not a prediction -- it's a target. Keep the high risks in mind when thinking about the potential reward, because the potential for losses are also great. That being said, I have continued to buy more shares. Relative to the risks, I see a lot more upside potential here, so a solid investment is warranted. I just won't invest more [...]

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NFV Rising: Accumulating RADCOM (RDCM)

Originally released to subscribers of our free Pipeline Data Newsletter on March 3. At Pipeline Data, we are constantly interacting with industry insiders and experts. It’s the key to our stock picking success. Every so often, we like to give you access to those discussions, so you can get a feel for the importance of talking to neutral third parties who know exactly what’s happening in the market. We recently caught up with an industry insider regarding his business and what he sees in the NFV market (with obvious implications for Radcom (RDCM). Here’s a shortened version of how the [...]

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Making Millions – How To See Big Profits Coming

Your favorite analyst gives you a stock pick, but it has a P/E of 200 (or worse yet, the P/E is negative). This video will teach you why that stock might be your biggest winner yet. Click to watch: Making Millions - How To See Big Profits Coming  

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Making Millions – How To Think About Earnings… Before Earnings

Your favorite company is reporting earnings in a few days. The stock is not acting terribly (or particularly well for that matter). Here's how to decide what to do with your shares. Click to watch: Making Millions - How To Think About Earnings... Before Earnings

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Making Millions – Nobody “Knows Something”

Your favorite company is reporting earnings in a few days... and the stock is acting terribly. Somebody must know something. If you've ever felt this way, watching this video will help you make the right move. Click to watch: Making Millions - Nobody "Knows Something"

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