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Intermap Video Update

Intermap Video Update After a long weekend of speaking to contacts and crunching all available information, I've put together a video to provide my latest findings on Intermap (OTCPK:ITMSF) and its $175 million megadeal. In this video, my presentation skills leave something to be desired, but the content is what's important. From that perspective, I can almost guarantee that it will give you some new information and/or things to consider. Ultimately, the conclusions are clear -- I think Intermap's darkest days are behind them. Accordingly, a much higher valuation is justified to reflect the greatly lowered risk and the greatly increased odds that the company has finally reached its long-awaited inflection [...]

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Intermap’s Stock Should Go Even Higher

In this article, I will discuss the implications of Intermap's win, announced on February 5, 2016. I will also discuss the events that could lead to a $2.00 share price, up substantially from today's levels. On June 22, 2015 Intermap (OTCPK:ITMSF) -- a virtually unknown microcap trading at less than 10-cents -- announced obtaining a Letter of Award for its Orion Platform. The program was estimated to be valued at an astonishing $175 Million. If you're like me, you were asking yourself, "Is this for real?" But my investigation, based on industry experts and contacts concluded that the answer was [...]

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Market Digest for Feb 2

With the stock market down over 1% today, a couple of things come to mind:First, the Atlanta Fed's initial GDP estimate for Q1 is hot off the presses. As I expected, the news isn't good. While economists were recently touting 2.7% growth predictions, Atlanta's GDPNow forecast calls for a meager 1.2%. For several quarters running, the Atlanta Fed has been among the most accurate forecasters of GDP growth I've been able to find. That being said, even its forecasts have been ratcheted down as each quarter has played out.In other words, if this quarter plays out in the same manner [...]

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Making Millions – This Investing Secret Will Surprise You!

If you signed up for my free Pipeline Data Newsletter and haven’t been receiving our alerts, please check your spam folder and/or add alerts@pipelinedatallc.com to your contact list to help ensure delivery. If you haven’t signed up, what are you waiting for? Go to Pipeline Data where members get my best picks and analysis first (and free)! Since my first appearance on Seeking Alpha, tens of thousands of investors have followed my work in search of the next great stock pick. However, there’s something I preach that’s just as powerful and much easier to make you rich. To be clear, [...]

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Making Millions — What’s A Bear-Market Rally?

This week, subscribers of my Pipeline Data Newsletter can expect to receive a special lesson, revealing one of my untold secrets to making millions. I will also be delivering a video lesson, revealing one of my other untold secrets. The video lesson will include a proprietary spreadsheet that investors can use to manage their portfolios in the exact manner that I do. So, sign up today! On January 20, I released an article entitled “Rally Coming -- Here's How To Profit!”. If I were being completely accurate, I would have named it “Bear Market Rally Coming -- Here's How To [...]

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Crash Test, Dummies!

In this quick (7 minute) video, Mark Gomes discusses some of the things he is considering to determine whether this correction is almost over... or just beginning.

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Market Meltdown: Friday Forecast

The rollercoaster ride continued with another meltdown today. CLICK HERE for my latest video. Also, here's an audiocast, providing you with my latest thoughts...    

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Closing Bell Thoughts for Jan 14 [Audio]

The market rebounded today. Here's my latest audiocast on what's coming next...

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(Another) Market Crash Video Update

The stock market selloff has been picking up steam. Because of this, I've been providing increased coverage of the market and my personal investments. New articles, audio, and video are being posted here on a near-daily basis. However, to avoid cluttering subscribers’ inboxes, only the most valuable information is being sent via my free newsletter. Getting back to stocks... unless you've outperformed the market, the value of your portfolio has probably dropped back to where it was nearly TWO YEARS AGO. That's not a typo. The major indexes are back to where they were in 2014. Worse yet, the Russell [...]

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Stock Update for Jan 13 (with Lesson, & Charts!)

CLICK HERE for my latest Pipeline Data video, providing a stock update, a few investment pointers, and some of my latest risk/reward charts. ...and here's the audio-only version of this content:

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