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Videocast for October 8, 2016

Hi... until the Masters Track & Field Championships (taking place in less than four weeks), I'll remain fairly quiet. However, I wanted to provide a short and educational video for you all. You can find the link below. FYI, one point I failed to make in the video pertains to Intermap's impact on my Official Portfolio's performance this year. In that regard (as you can see below), buying a very small amount of this Speculative pick saved us from taking a big loss in our portfolio. The area highlighted in yellow shows that Intermap has negatively impacted our portfolio performance by only -0.35%. In other words, [...]

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50% in Two Days? It’s Just A Click Away!

Nutanix (NTNX) has turned out to be one of the hottest IPOs of the year. Anyone who bought the stock when it debuted on Friday has made over 50% in less than two trading sessions. But how could you have known to take a chance on this particular IPO? Simple. The comments section of my Seeking Alpha articles and Instablogs often contain a wealth of additional information. For example, the following exchange took place between September 21 and September 30: linuxpenguin Hey Mark, long time follower and fan, thanks for all your education. This is a little off topic, but I wanted to get [...]

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Using My Method To Make Money

Today's article is actually a video. It provides a real-time view into how I use my investment Methodology to make money. My delivery won't win any Oscars, but gets the job done. Feel free to post follow-up questions on Seeking Alpha. Just remember to keep your questions focused on my Methodology. If / when there's something new I wish to share regarding my stock selections, I'll share it ;^) Click HERE for the video. Cheers!

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Getting Rich: The Seven Deadly Sins Of Investing

When addressing detractors, I’m usually dealing with someone who is succumbing to one of my seven deadly sins of investing. They have many similarities to the original deadly sins and arguably just as much impact for investors.   2009-2016 has been a nearly unprecedented time in the stock market. Almost everyone has made great money, which has made almost everyone feel like they know what they are doing. Trust me on this – most of you do not know truly know what you are doing.   Professional stock investors undertake an average of 6-years of formal education, coupled with 5-years of [...]

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The Secret To Getting Rich On Cloud Software Stocks

This article is written for anyone who wishes to get rich on "Cloud" software stocks, but haven't spent their careers in the software industry. In this article, I will discuss the secret about these high-risk software companies which give them the potential to become 10-baggers (or even 100-baggers). I will do this by providing a case study on Concur Technologies, a Cloud software vendor that became a 500-bagger. Let's jump right in... Company: Concur Technologies (CNQR) Founded: in 1993 by CEO Steven Singh Background: Concur was founded a year before I became a software stock analyst for International Data Corporation. Concur offered expense management software [...]

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Intermap Financing Update

On July 19, Pipeline Data released a report (which was first delivered to subscribers of our free Pipeline Data Newsletter). In the report, we stated the following about Intermap's $175 million mega-deal: "Intermap's recent press release revealed that the financing process for its SDI megadeal with the Democratic Republic of Congo (NYSE:DRC) is in its final phase with a leading multilateral financial institution. We subsequently provided our take (bullish) and price target ($1.38) at PipelineDataLLCand Seeking Alpha. Since that time, we have gathered new information which further enhances our bullish thesis. First, we now believe it to be a decent bet that the African Development Bank Group(AfDB) is [...]

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AT&T Provides Bullish Clues For RDCM

Last night, AT&T announced earnings. They stated, "5% of our network functions (are) virtualized and expect to reach 30% by the end of this year. We are on path to achieve 75% network virtualization by 2020." Additional commentary included the following: Our network transformation is now pivoting to software-defined networking or SDN. With SDN, we are virtualizing network functions that used to require dedicated fixed equipment and software. SDN gives us flexible, dynamic and smart network capabilities. We ended last year with about 5% of our network functions virtualized and expect to reach 30% by the end of this year. We [...]

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Intermap Catches Fire (and a Recommendation)

Investors apparently see the light at the end of the tunnel coming. Shares of Intermap are ripping higher and gaining more attention in the chat boards:                       It also got a positive mention from BNN. For the mention, you can skip to 1:33 of this video: You can't say it hasn't been an interesting summer for our picks.        

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Personal Stock Notes for July 20

* $NTDOY - Further research confirms that $NTDOY doesn’t have enough of a vested interest in Pokemon to justify its recent move. It should pull back into the mid-20s IMHO. * $ITMSF - Remember the $1 billion that was stole from Malaysia? Well, according to Seeking Alpha, Federal prosecutors are now poised to seize “more than $1B of properties and other assets purchased with money allegedly misappropriated from 1MDB”. This is great news for $ITMSF, which I believe is in talks with Malaysia for a megadeal. I believe the scandal has led to delays in getting the deal done. * [...]

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How To Profit From Pokémon Fever

In case you haven't heard, Niantic Labs' Pokémon Go is experiencing one of the hottest launches ever seen for a mobile video game. In my opinion, the fervor is justified. If you disagree, just download the game and see for yourself (or let a kid show you). Its utilization of augmented reality (incorporating real-world maps as the playing field) is truly an exciting new experience in mobile gaming (if not a dangerous one -- be careful out there). Thus far, the big winner has been Nintendo (OTCPK:NTDOY), whose stock has more than doubled in just two weeks. That seems justified [...]

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