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Disclaimer: This primer is required reading for anyone considering an investment in any stock selections provided by Pipeline Data or Mark Gomes. It contains critical information about our/his research and trading methodologies.

mark-gomesMark Gomes is the founder and CEO of Pipeline Data, LLC. Dating back to 2004, Pipeline Data has provided investment consulting to many of America’s most well-respected mutual fund and hedge fund managers. Our methodology revolves around utilizing 100% SEC-compliant industry experts to identifying shifts and misconceptions in the Information Technology landscape.

By marrying this fundamental approach with a proprietary Risk/Reward methodology, Pipeline Data can service short- and long-term investors while eschewing technical analysis. In doing so, Mr. Gomes has built an enviable reputation for discovering low risk / high reward situations for buy side institutions.

Pipeline Data, LLC offers subscription options for institutional (buy-side only) customers, along with Main Street investors who seek limited access to our institutional-grade research.

Mark Gomes has been the CEO of Pipeline Data, LLC since 2004. With over 20 years of professional experience, Mr. Gomes is among the world’s most experienced technology stock analysts.

Gomes has previously held a number of key positions within leading IT research and consulting organizations. He began his career at International Data Corporation where he led its buy-side investment research practice. From 1998-2004, he served as the Director of Investment Research at AMR Research, a globally-recognized IT advisory firm which was later acquired Gartner Group. There, he drove the business unit’s expansion into a multi-million dollar operation, guiding clients through the Internet bubble and subsequent bust. Gomes has serviced hundreds of Wall Street analysts and portfolio managers during his tenure.

In 2008, Mr. Gomes semi-retired and moved to Miami Beach shortly thereafter. In 2009, he began donating small cap selections to retail investors via Seeking Alpha. There, he quickly built a reputation for picking winners and M&A candidates.

In 2013, he was publicly credited as the first analyst to confirm Himax’s role in Google Glass. He also correctly predicted that Apple computer would engage with Pixelworks, Inc. for its cutting-edge display technology. The fruition of these events resulted in a 200%+ gains for each stock.

Gomes is also the reigning World Masters Track & Field 400 Meter Champion and multi-time Masters World Record holder. His memoir, “Faster Than Forty” details the diet, lifestyle, and training techniques that enabled him to shed 50 pounds and return to Track & Field prominence after a 13-year hiatus. Further information can be found at www.fasterthanforty.com and www.facebook.com/fasterthanforty.

He currently donates time to coach children and the broader Miami Beach community.

For retail investors, his investment methodology and advice to retail investors are required reading to understand how Mr. Gomes’ researches and trades his picks. During his first five years as a contributor to Seeking Alpha (2009-2014), approximately 50% of his “Official Poised To Triple” picks either doubled, tripled, or were acquired.

Similar to the Seeking Alpha PRO program, Pipeline Data’s stock selections and updates are shared with paying members first and foremost. Thereafter, Mr. Gomes may choose to share his selections with subscribers of his FREE newsletter (sign up at on home page at PipelineDataLLC.com), followed by the Seeking Alpha community.

To optimize entry points and information flow, institutional investors should seek one-on-one consultation with Mr. Gomes via a Pipeline Data subscription service.


Mr. Gomes’ investment Methodology is also considered to be required reading for his followers. It describes how the lessons of Warren Buffett, Benjamin Graham (Mr. Buffett’s mentor), Peter Lynch and Mr. Gomes’ personal mentors helped to hone his investment skills and shape his dramatic investment success.

Mr. Gomes can also be found on Twitter (@PipelineDataLLC).


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