Global Diligence & A New Pick!

Hi, I’m in the midst of my annual tour of Europe to investigate global trends / economies. So far, things look healthy. France was bustling. Despite the anxieties expressed by many people there, there’s a general satisfaction and optimism surrounding the election results. I’ve moved on to the island nation of Cape Verde to investigate [...]

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Market Update: Chase The Reward?

As most of you know, I don't rely solely on Risk/Reward Charts. In fact, Risk/Reward Charts only come into play once I have performed a thorough fundamental analysis. In other words, fundamental analysis is the primary source of investment decision-making. Risk/Reward Charts are secondary. Keep in mind, there are also tertiary sources that should be [...]

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Update For June 2 – RDCM, SSNI, & More

The 1% Portfolio continues to perform well. My 2017 picks are up an average of 15%. I expect to add one or two new picks very soon, so keep your eyes peeled! Here's the latest on the stocks I've been tracking... Orange Announcement -- Green Light for RADCOM (NASDAQ:RDCM)? Orange (NYSE:ORAN) has boosted its guidance [...]

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Stock & Market Updates

So far, retiring from Track & Field has been a money-making move. The 1% Portfolio remains on a roll. My five most-recent picks are up an average of 12% (with an average holding time of just over one week). We'll try to keep it going. In the meantime, here are some updates... Markets & Highs [...]

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Pixelworks: 17% In A Week Is Enough!

When Pixelworks (NASDAQ:PXLW) announced its latest acquisition (ViXS) last week, I expected a decline in the value of its shares, so I made it a short in my 1% Portfolio. The shares have responded, falling 17% in just a few days. That's a great (and quick) return. More importantly, PXLW has now lost more market [...]

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New Picks (SSNI & More) !

A few weeks ago, my Track & Field season ended (and successfully at that). My USA teammates and I managed to set a new World Record for the 4x400M relay in our age category. In the process, I became just the second person over 45 to run a 400M split in less than 49 seconds. [...]

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Mattersight – Insiders Are Buying

Mattersight's (NASDAQ:MATR) Q1 earnings release was characterized by a relapse into its old ways of over-promising and under-delivering. However, despite their up-and-down execution, nothing new (exciting or damaging) has occurred to the story. In other words, I believe that negativity is fully-reflected (if not overly-reflected) in MATR's low share price. I'm not the only one. [...]

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Pixelworks Makes A Buy, So I’ve Made It A Sell

A few days ago, Pixelworks (NASDAQ:PXLW) announced its intention to acquire Toronto-based ViXS Systems. The terms call for a steep premium, so the acquisition won't be accretive until next year, at a minimum. Prior to this announcement, I was already becoming leery of PXLW's rising valuation (solely on the basis of Risk/Reward, which you should [...]

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My Top 5 Holdings

Hi, I know I've been quiet, but there hasn't been much to say lately. The Yellow Alert is still in effect. The Russell 2000 has validated this by remaining stuck in a trading range for over 4 months. I focus on risk/reward charts, so I'm not going to predict if the market will correct (drop [...]

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Trump Trumped: Now What?

In my most-recent Seeking Alpha update, I said that "investors can find big winners amid the rubble of recent tax-loss losers. On top of the move being overdone, it's becoming clear that tax reform may not come until 2018 (due to the time and challenges involved with repealing/replacing Obamacare). Thus, a reversal could be looming. [...]

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