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Important Disclosures

Mr. Gomes and Pipeline Data, LLC are not an investment advisers or securities brokers, and the articles and other content are not investment advice or recommendations. The material published by Pipeline Data is for informational and illustrative purposes only.  It has not been prepared with any particular reader’s investment objectives, financial situation, sophistication, or experience taken into consideration.  Further, Pipeline Data reserves the right to deliver its content to its subscribers prior to its publication in any public forum. The type of investing discussed in Pipeline Data’s publications involves a high degree of risk and is not suitable for anyone who cannot bear the loss of their entire investment.  There can be no assurance or confidence that the investment strategies highlighted in Pipeline Data’s publications will be successful or achieve their intended results.  Any person considering investing should perform their own investment research and consult with a financial adviser before doing so.

It is important to read and understand Mr. Gomes’ methodology to better understand the articles and other content published by Pipeline Data.  Opinions expressed in Pipeline Data’s publications are the opinions of Mr. Gomes and are subject to change without notice.  The information and opinions may not be updated as circumstances change and all publications reflect Mr. Gomes’ opinions only as of the date of publication.  The opinions expressed may turn out to be materially inaccurate and no assurances can be given that the opinions are correct.  Any expression of how an investment may perform in the future is obviously an opinion and no one, including Mr. Gomes and Pipeline Data, can know with any certainty how any investment will perform in the future.  Any success that Mr. Gomes may have had with investments in the past does not mean that current or future investment ideas will be successful – and they may in fact be very unsuccessful.

Mr. Gomes sometimes personally trades in the companies he discusses in Pipeline Data publications. He may trade before publication or after, or not at all.  Depending on the circumstances, he made trade in a manner consistent or inconsistent with Pipeline Data publications.  He may also make trades to take advantage of fluctuations that he deems to be short-term in nature. There should be no assumption that Mr. Gomes is himself investing in the companies Pipeline Data publishes on.  He may also trade in companies not mentioned in Pipeline Data publications.  Mr. Gomes does not obligate himself to disclose any of his personal trading or other personal financial information.

The information published by Pipeline Data may be posted on other sites or disseminated by other means (such as email) either before or after publishing on Pipeline Data. Subscribers to the Pipeline Data Newsletter generally receive publications before the information is published on Pipeline Data.  Posts are sometimes republished on other websites such Seeking Alpha or Facebook after or at the same time they are published on Pipeline Data.

The information relied upon in Pipeline Data’s publications is believed to be reliable, but Pipeline Data has not verified the accuracy of such information and there can be no assurances that such information is correct or complete. Pipeline Data and Mr. Gomes do not make any warranties or guarantees about any of the content published by Pipeline Data, and assume no duties or responsibilities to readers of any Pipeline Data publication.  Pipeline Data and Mr. Gomes shall have no liability of any type to any reader or third party relating in any way to the material published or disseminated by Pipeline Data.