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Ways To Buy Near Market Highs

At present, I officially remain on "Yellow Alert". As a reminder, a "Yellow Alert" is when the markets reach elevated Risk/Reward levels, regardless of fundamental strength (which we currently see in the economy). Of course, it's much more fun to remain an unfettered bull during a bull market - I picked about a dozen stocks that tripled for Seeking Alpha readers between 2009 and 2013. However, the style of investing I was taught (and now teach) focuses on attacking the low-hanging fruit (in both bull and bear markets). At times like this, I've learned that it's best to take a [...]

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Here’s Why The Market Rally Has Left Small Caps Behind

With President Trump's desire to lower corporate taxes and America-first agenda, one would think that small caps would be benefiting the most. After all, smaller companies actually (and ironically) pay higher taxes. They are also more insulated from trade wars (because they don't do as much business overseas) and better positioned to benefit from an increase in U.S. economic activity. Despite this, the Russell 2000 is only up about 4% since I initiated my latest Yellow Alert (in late November). The iShares Russell 2000 ETF (NYSEARCA:IWM) chart illustrates this below. In contrast, the S&P 500 (NYSEARCA:SPY) and Dow Jones Industrial [...]

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Access Poised To Triple + Some Portfolio Moves

You Can Still Access Poised To Triple As some of you might have noticed, the PoisedToTriple and PTTResearch websites have both gone dark. Before that happened, I sent emails to my partners (who hold control over these website / domains), and their attorney, to ensure that we maintained these sites for customers while resolving our long-ongoing internal dispute. Unfortunately, something must have gone wrong because PoisedToTriple went dark shortly after I emailed them. I tried contacting them to find out what happened, but haven't heard back yet. Luckily, they were smart enough to leave our staging sites live on the [...]

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A New Pick To Triple?

I just read that Warren Buffet underperformed the market in 3 out of 4 years during the 70s. During that stretch he underperformed by a cumulative 47%. Yes, forty-seven percent. That would be enough to make many people quit investing. However, when you're investing properly, underperformance is an inevitable risk and occasional occurrence. The reason is simple -- outperformance cannot come from doing what everyone else does. That's called "being average". Sometimes, the pursuit of excellence requires decisions that can create short-term underperformance (and let's face it, four years is "short-term" in the context of an entire life). To be [...]

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Wilder / Breazeale: Video Evidence Review

Over the past couple of days, I've poured through the various reports, articles, and social media regarding the Wilder / Breazeale incident. My obsession stems from the fact that this was my first Heavyweight Championship fight. I was at the arena and the hotel when everything happened, so I'm fascinated by how the media and public has reacted. As a long-time Wall Street analyst, the whole thing mirrors what I see in the stock market every day. People are fed a lot of conflicting information, which is a shame. But it's also a shame that the people take this information and simply believe what they want to [...]

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Wilder / Breazeale Hotel “Brawl” – A Case Study In Media Distortions

Editor's Note: This article is not about stocks, but teaches an important lesson about investing. After several hard weeks of stock research, I decided to get out of town to attend the WBC Heavyweight Championship fight between reigning champion Deontay Wilder (now 38-0, 37 KOs) and Gerald Washington (18-1-1, 12 KOs). Wilder prevailed by TKO in five. After feeling (and wearing) his opponent out for four rounds, Wilder unleashed a fifth-round storm that culminated in a referee stoppage. Unfortunately, the win was marred by an incident involving Dominique Breazeale, the WBC's #11 ranked heavyweight who won an undercard matchup. For background and the media's [...]

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Stock News & Market Update

GSAT Is Raised to a BUY New Chardan has GSAT)+to+Buy/12589155.html" target="_blank" rel="nofollow">raised Globalstar (GSAT) to a Buy with a $2.50 Price Target. In the upgrade note, they said, "We are raising our recommendation on Globalstar to Buy with a $2.50 price target. The price target assumes a constellation valuation of 7.5x EBITDA, or $200 million and values the US terrestrial spectrum at $1.00/MHz-POP. We are placing no value on the company's international spectrum that could be re-allocated for terrestrial usage, but obviously this would drive valuation much higher." I still like the idea of writing the July 1.50 calls at [...]

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Market Update + Mattersight

Charts Topping Out While investor sentiment reaches relatively extreme levels (which is traditionally bearish), the indexes are all within one percentage point of hitting the top of my Risk/Reward channels: I've been cautious for a couple months, which hasn't seemed like the right thing to do. However, I know two things: 1) being cautious doesn't always pay off, but 2) nobody loses big chunks of their money being cautious. I remain cautious and continue to believe that we'll get a chance to buy stocks for a lower price than we saw when I issued my Yellow Alert. My prior four [...]

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MATR, RSYS, A Short, & More

Here's my latest update. Enjoy! Mattersight Comes Through & Discovers Conservatism Wednesday night, Mattersight (NASDAQ:MATR) announced Q4 results. They beat on the top and bottom line for the second straight quarter (after four straight misses). However, they lowered expectations for 2017. This disappointed some investors, but it appeased me. Apparently, it appeased others, as well. I hoped for the stock to drop toward $3 so I could buy more. Instead, it ripped toward $4. Late Wednesday night, I put together a video to explain my thoughts (some of which are moot, because the stock ripped), along with a spreadsheet, both [...]

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Sentiment May Sink The Ship

As usual, Lance Roberts is out with another insightful missive. Among the data points, I found that I could add some value to his blurb on investor sentiment. Long ago, I did a study on investor sentiment. In the end, I determined that a high level of positive sentiment is not enough to serve as a reliable market-correction indicator - it has to be accompanied by a low level of negative sentiment. In other words, don't just look at bulls - look at bulls minus bears. I call that bull/bear divergence. As you can see below, Investors Intelligence Bull/Bear divergence just reached a level [...]

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