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Stock News & Market Update

GSAT Is Raised to a BUY New Chardan has GSAT)+to+Buy/12589155.html" target="_blank" rel="nofollow">raised Globalstar (GSAT) to a Buy with a $2.50 Price Target. In the upgrade note, they said, "We are raising our recommendation on Globalstar to Buy with a $2.50 price target. The price target assumes a constellation valuation of 7.5x EBITDA, or $200 million and values the US terrestrial spectrum at $1.00/MHz-POP. We are placing no value on the company's international spectrum that could be re-allocated for terrestrial usage, but obviously this would drive valuation much higher." I still like the idea of writing the July 1.50 calls at [...]

By |February 24th, 2017|Categories: News|

Market Update + Mattersight

Charts Topping Out While investor sentiment reaches relatively extreme levels (which is traditionally bearish), the indexes are all within one percentage point of hitting the top of my Risk/Reward channels: I've been cautious for a couple months, which hasn't seemed like the right thing to do. However, I know two things: 1) being cautious doesn't always pay off, but 2) nobody loses big chunks of their money being cautious. I remain cautious and continue to believe that we'll get a chance to buy stocks for a lower price than we saw when I issued my Yellow Alert. My prior four [...]

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MATR, RSYS, A Short, & More

Here's my latest update. Enjoy! Mattersight Comes Through & Discovers Conservatism Wednesday night, Mattersight (NASDAQ:MATR) announced Q4 results. They beat on the top and bottom line for the second straight quarter (after four straight misses). However, they lowered expectations for 2017. This disappointed some investors, but it appeased me. Apparently, it appeased others, as well. I hoped for the stock to drop toward $3 so I could buy more. Instead, it ripped toward $4. Late Wednesday night, I put together a video to explain my thoughts (some of which are moot, because the stock ripped), along with a spreadsheet, both [...]

By |February 10th, 2017|Categories: News|

Sentiment May Sink The Ship

As usual, Lance Roberts is out with another insightful missive. Among the data points, I found that I could add some value to his blurb on investor sentiment. Long ago, I did a study on investor sentiment. In the end, I determined that a high level of positive sentiment is not enough to serve as a reliable market-correction indicator - it has to be accompanied by a low level of negative sentiment. In other words, don't just look at bulls - look at bulls minus bears. I call that bull/bear divergence. As you can see below, Investors Intelligence Bull/Bear divergence just reached a level [...]

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Market Update & New Picks

Trump / Market Update To kick things off, I've recorded a short videocast to provide my take on Lance Roberts' latest stock market update. Moving on to the latest info regarding the Trump administration, UBS recently stated that each incoming presidential administration "has a finite amount of political capital". Basically, if one agenda gets pushed too hard it can sap support for other agendas. We can easily envision that occurring in the aftermath of this week's immigration firestorm. UBS also believe that the new administration will likely prioritize "comprehensive tax reform focusing on: 1) lowering corporate tax rates 2) providing a tax [...]

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Trading Lesson & Legal Update

One of the investors in my network provides me with great industry research. In turn, I trade notes with him and occasionally offer insight regarding my personal trading Methodology. For your benefit, here's a slightly edited copy of a discussion we had this week... Investor - We really just need this industry to move forward and issue orders. This industry is world-class at writing blog articles telling us the benefits of NFV service assurance. It'd be nice if someone besides AT&T opened their wallet. MG - Patience grasshopper. The world doesn't move at the speed of stocks. Imagine being the CIO of [...]

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Dow 20,000 & My Latest Personal Trades

The Dow finally cracked 20,000 this morning. In my most recent Seeking Alpha article ( Trump Might Keep These Stocks Afloat... Until Spring) I said, "until the tax-cut measures are introduced into Congress (months from now), the market has the potential to creep upward. Risk/Reward is elevated, but there's some still room for the Dow (NYSEARCA:DIA) to rise". This comment may seem to run counter to my ongoing "Yellow Alert". However, in reality, both can coexist. A Yellow Alert warns of elevated risk/reward conditions. Those Alerts have a great track record of presaging market drops: However, precise timing is something I'll never claim [...]

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Trade Alert — Selling Celsius (For Now)

Hi, I'm fresh back from Europe and working hard this morning. Since releasing my original Ten Trump Trades report, Celsius (OTCQX:CELH) has been on a tear. In just 10 weeks, the stock has risen 70% to $3.70. Contributing to the rise, on December 30, 2016 Hoi Shuen Chau, a major holder of Celsius acquired 533,333 shares of the company. The buys took place at $3.00 per share. Chau now owns 5,376,030 shares of the company. Chau operates out of Wanchai, K3. I've personally sold all of my shares for now. This has been a big move and I'd love to see their initial China [...]

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Globalstar – 6 Cents Or 6 Bucks?

On December 23, the FCC announced the adoption of Globalstar's (NASDAQ:GSAT) revised petition for terrestrial authority. On January 6, Globalstar held a conference call to discuss its view of the implications. Predictably, this reignited the battleground debate surrounding GSAT's proper valuation. Some believe that the FCC ruling presages a rise in the shares from the current sub-$2 levels to something north of $6. Others contend that the equity has no value. This article will provide my view on the ongoing debate. For the record, I initiated coverage on Globalstar back in 2013 at $0.67 per share. Looking at the range [...]

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Globalstar (GSAT) Should Rise After Bullish Conference Call

I launched coverage on Globalstar (NASDAQ:GSAT) in August of 2013. The shares traded at 67-cents. I viewed them as worth three times as much -- $2.00. It reached my price target in just four months. Before a year had passed, the stock topped $4.50. With my valuation target met, I dropped coverage… but kept an eye on the company and its stock. For the record, my investment premise was not based on prediction of whether the FCC would approve GSAT's spectrum for Terrestrial Low-Power Service (TLPS). The premise was based on the odds of approval - risk/reward. On the most simplistic level, think of it [...]

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