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Sample Research

Pipeline Data, LLC was founded on July 1, 2004. One of our earliest Research Alerts (see below) was released at the onset of Apple’s resurgence – the stock was trading for a split-adjusted $2.04. At the time, we had no idea what Apple would become, but our industry contacts made it clear that something big was happening.

They also made it clear that computing would move from desktops to laptops to handheld devices. This was three years before the first iPhone took the world by storm.

A week after issuing our report, shares of AAPL were 15% higher. By November, it had doubled. Less than a year later, Apple became our first triple We were awarded contracts from 100% of the institutions that were engaged in our initial trial program.

Pipeline Data was on the map.

More than 10 years later, we continue to serve institutions and retail investors from around the globe.


For information regarding our institutional and subscription services, contact us at info@pipelinedatallc.com.

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